Who we are

There are two childhood buddies behind the Stupid Style brand. We grew in a same city but separated after our studies to fulfil our career goals. One of us opted food and hospitality sector, whereas the other one worked for India's top media organizations as a senior journalist. …… But destiny brought us together again in the same city where we grew up.

Idea behind Stupid Style

After meeting again in a same city where we grew up as childhood friends, We started planning to do something together. In various discussions, we felt that if stupidity makes feel better and happy in our friendship and adds a spark to our appearance, then it is worth experimenting with the world as a brand too. Then we created Stupid Style as a brand to make a difference in fashion & lifestyle segment.

Why we need more Stupids in the world

There are a lots of varieties in style, trend, colour, themes, and patterns that allows one to add in their wardrobe. Definitely, there is a beauty in every one of them but most of the people opt for the traditional fashion. However, younger generations behaves differently. They choose whatever they like, whether it is traditional or not.

Fashion and style without barriers is the most satisfactory feeling for them and that is why sometimes it is called SUPIDITY. Younger generation don’t care about what people say or think, they do what they love to do. Call them Stupid but don’t forget that only this kind of Stupidity brings constant, beautiful and necessary changes in the fashion & style world.

It is better to feel proud to be a STUPID in trying new fashion & styles…. Choose Stupid Style. We are committed to present new styles to bring out the best look of your personality.

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